Birthday Dress 2020

This was the tenth year of our birthday dress tradition
This was the tenth year of our birthday dress tradition

Ten years ago, I suggested to Katie we go buy her a dress for her birthday and then take some pictures. We ended up enjoying it so much, we decided it should be a yearly tradition.

Here is Year 10 of Katie’s Birthday Dress. I love this woman so, so much.

This year’s pictures took a lot of effort. I had been very busy at work, and my wife was very taking care of our son and trying to get us ready for our little trip away. On the day we planned the photo shoot (and child care), we got rained out. I got out my speed light and modifier and took some photos in our home. There’s so much I don’t know about artificial light that I got maybe two I was happy with, but neither one really matched the tone of previous years.

We decided to try and shot what we could while we were on our little vacation, but that ended up being on a walk through a new city with a cranky three-year-old who didn’t want to obey. We were hot, sweaty, and frazzled, but we made it work.

It wasn’t quite the big ten-year blast I was anticipating, but it was special nonetheless.

Fujifilm X-E3 and Fujinon XF 50mm f/2.