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So we moved this past weekend. Moving is something we've done a few times in the years we've been married, but there ...

From Around Here (March 2021)

Pictures from our very busy March.

Twenty Years Later

Twenty years ago today, I took a photo just seconds before one of the most important moments of my life. I was in Lu...

He's Four!

We can’t believe four years have passed, but here we are. We’ve had a wonderful birthday celebration all weekend. This kid is blessed by ...

Fifty First Flights

Flight № 34: Munich–Charlotte Justus was a little more than a month old when he took his first plane ride. We were s...

The Books I Read in 2020

I read a wide variety of books this year, but I suppose there's a pattern there if you look closely. Most of them encouraged, challenged, and taught me a lot of new things.

Motherland Monument

We’ve lived here for more than a year, but we’ve hardly seen much of Kyiv at all. We feel busy enough with our daily ...

I Memorized First Thessalonians

It took me nearly three months to memorize First Thessalonians. It was not easy, but it was a very rewarding challenge.

We Went on Vacation

Even though we travel all the time, we hadn't been on an honest-to-goodness family vacation since before Justus was born.

The New Travel Normal

This was our first time to fly since before The Virus took over the world. And I realized something that day: flying in masks is the new normal.

Birthday Dress 2020

Ten years ago, I suggested to Katie we go buy her a dress for her birthday and then take some pictures. We ended up enjoying it so much, we decided it should be a yearly tradition.

Ten Years of Birthday Dresses

Each year around my wife’s birthday, we buy her a new dress and then go out and do a photo shoot. Tomorrow we celebrate ten years of this tradition. Here’s a look at the last nine.
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