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So we moved this past weekend. Moving is something we've done a few times in the years we've been married, but there was something special about this one. This time, we moved into our own place. We are now home owners in Ukraine. That's the short story. The longer version is a...

From Around Here (March 2021)

Pictures from our very busy March.

Twenty Years Later

Twenty years ago today, I took a photo just seconds before one of the most important moments of my life. I was in Lubbock, Texas, and I was with a group of students I didn’t really know out on a service project. After being scattered for an hour or so, we were scheduled to me...

He's Four!

We can’t believe four years have passed, but here we are. We’ve had a wonderful birthday celebration all weekend. This kid is blessed by so many wonderful friends and family. And we are so blessed to have him. Here’s a video I put together remembering some of the adventures w...

Fifty First Flights

Flight № 34: Munich–Charlotte Justus was a little more than a month old when he took his first plane ride. We were so nervous, but he did just fine. As it turned out, it was an accurate preview of the kind of world traveler he would soon become. This last week on the last leg...

The Books I Read in 2020

I read a wide variety of books this year, but I suppose there's a pattern there if you look closely. Most of them encouraged, challenged, and taught me a lot of new things.

Motherland Monument

We’ve lived here for more than a year, but we’ve hardly seen much of Kyiv at all. We feel busy enough with our daily work and family life that we’ve rarely even crossed the bridge towards the center. Now that my parents have been in town, we’ve been more motivated to go out a...

I Memorized First Thessalonians

It took me nearly three months to memorize First Thessalonians. It was not easy, but it was a very rewarding challenge.

We Went on Vacation

Even though we travel all the time, we hadn't been on an honest-to-goodness family vacation since before Justus was born.

The New Travel Normal

This was our first time to fly since before The Virus took over the world. And I realized something that day: flying in masks is the new normal.

Birthday Dress 2020

Ten years ago, I suggested to Katie we go buy her a dress for her birthday and then take some pictures. We ended up enjoying it so much, we decided it should be a yearly tradition.

Ten Years of Birthday Dresses

Each year around my wife’s birthday, we buy her a new dress and then go out and do a photo shoot. Tomorrow we celebrate ten years of this tradition. Here’s a look at the last nine.
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