Birthday Dress 2021

Our little birthday tradition was delayed this year because Katie and I both were sick on her 38th birthday. There was no cake, and there was no party. She got sick, then I got sick, then my parents got sick. It was a sad birthday.

Finally, over a week later, we got out to shoot the Birthday Dress for the eleventh year in a row. She is, as always, gorgeous. (I especially loved hearing our four-year-old son telling his mom that she looked beautiful.) But all that outside beauty would mean nothing if she wasn't just as gorgeous on the inside. I'm so in love with my sweet-spirited, kindhearted, faithful wife. She makes me better in every single way.

Katie bought this year's dress while on a girls' trip to the coast with her sister in July. The hat she borrowed from my mom. We shot the photos at the Oxbow Nature Study Area in Reno, Nevada.

Photos taken with a Fujfilm X-E3 and XF 56mm f/1.2 lens.