Birthday Dress 2023

This year’s Birthday Dress photo shoot felt a little harder to squeeze in than normal. Not only are we on the road (as we usually are on her birthday), but this year we have a baby who’s at an age which requires extra attention, and this year was a special birthday. Katie turned 40 years old this year, and we had some visiting family and some bigger birthday celebrations than normal.

That said, this may be one of my favorite years. We took Year 13’s pictures in Placerville, California on a beautiful (and hot!) evening and enjoyed a double date with some friends from the church afterward. (A cute nine-month-old may have also tagged along.)

Eighteen years into our marriage, I’ve never been more in love with this woman. Her love, her humility, and her faith encourage and support me in so many ways. Especially considering the challenges we have faced over the last year and a half, I’ve never been more thankful for her than I am right now.

And I’m pretty sure 40’s never looked so good!