Just Like Me

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Early Sunday morning, I was doing some last minute study to prepare for my lesson. After Justus finished his bottle, he wanted to come sit next to me. The boy hardly ever sits longer than five seconds, so I figured he’d get down as soon as he saw my book didn’t have any pictures and be off on his usual morning inspection of the living room.

He did, in fact, decide he wasn’t too interested in my book. But instead of getting down like I had expected, he decided he would look at one of his own books while I continued reading mine. And so we sat, together. A Commentary on the Minor Prophets by Homer Hailey and Julia Lobo’s Will You Be Sunshine? never before looked so right together.

He’s actually been imitating me a lot recently. He wants to sit like me, stand like me, rest his chin in his hand like me. It’s hilarious, it’s endearing, and it is sobering. May God bless me with the wisdom to always be aware of how closely he is watching.

And the perspective to enjoy beautiful little moments like this.