Ten Years of Birthday Dresses

Each year around my wife’s birthday, we buy her a new dress and then go out and do a photo shoot. Tomorrow we celebrate ten years of this tradition. Here’s a look at the last nine.

The first nine years of birthday dresses
The first nine years of birthday dresses

My wife commented that it was interesting to see how my skills as a photographer have improved over the years as well. Not as much as I’d prefer, of course, but there’s something there. Some days I think I’m regressing in my skills because I look back at pictures I took a couple years back and think they are so much better than the one’s I’m taking now. But no matter how many years forward I move, the pictures from two years ago are always better. I suppose it’s the all-important ingredient of separation from the moment (and the technical disappointments that come with).

It’s fun to think that one day, Lord willing, we’ll have dozens and dozens of these annual portraits of my wife to look back on.

See this year’s dress here.